About Us

ICSI can handle any stage of your printed circuit board design project.  Our experience, design disciplines and technical capabilities allow us to professionally provide the product you envisioned.  The PCB design services available include; schematic capture, PCB design and manufacturing a turn-key solution for your prototype or production needs.  

  • Schematic Capture
    • Circuit Layout and Symbol Library
  • PCB Design
    • Board Layout 
    • High Speed Digital, Analog, Mixed Signal, RF, Controlled Impedance
    • Motherboard,  Backplane, Control Panel
    • Daughter, SAS, PERC, DRAC, Blade, Probe, Test Cards
  • Design Capabilities
    • High Density SMT, Through Hole, Blind/Buried Via
  • Industry Experience
    • Computer Hardware, Telecom, Defense, Aviation, Aerospace, Medical, Oil & Gas
  • Software
    • Cadence Allegro/Orcad PCB Designer